What Defines Biblical Marriage?

I’m intrigued that for an institution so absolutely central to human life, the Bible has shockingly little information about the ideal marriage. Hardly any of the examples about marriage fit our modern Christian definition of “one man, one woman, for life, with the blessing of the church and the state.”

How I Have Deconstructed?

I was asked today “so what exactly have you deconstructed?” Here’s a few thoughts on that question.

Everybody Wants to Rule the World

Too many Christians seem obsessed with power and control. But being oppressed was the very thing that helped the early church grow explosively. Are we pursing the wrong thing?

Outrage as Social Currency

Today’s media systems use outrage as a currency to drive engagement. But is outrage a poison pill that is tearing us apart? I suggest there’s a better way to exist in this modern social media world.

It’s Best Not To Ask

It’s really hard when trusted people change dramatically. For the sake of our faith, often we don’t really want to know why they changed. It might require us to change too.