How to Cause a Revolution

One of the responses I hear most often to things like CRT, or welfare, or Black Lives Matter, is that they will lead to socialism or Marxism in America. Fear is increasingly being used as a political tactic by both parties. In this case, it’s being used by both the […]

Critical Evangelical Theory

My pastor sent me a paper to read about racism in the church. It is not short but I believe is worth your time (it took me under an hour to read). It states with scholarly approach, careful clarity, and supporting data some of the problems that I’ve been struggling […]

CRT and “Objective Truth”

“CRT denies that objective truth exists.” “CRT denies that objective truth exists in current politics and social science.” Those are two dramatically different assertions. The phrase “objective truth” has suddenly become a common talking point by anti-CRT activists and politicians. They assert that CRT denies that objective truth exists, period. […]