CRT and “Objective Truth”

“CRT denies that objective truth exists.”

“CRT denies that objective truth exists in current politics and social science.”

Those are two dramatically different assertions.

The phrase “objective truth” has suddenly become a common talking point by anti-CRT activists and politicians. They assert that CRT denies that objective truth exists, period. Just Google “CRT objective truth” to see this trend.

But from what I can find, an honest assessment of CRT shows otherwise. What CRT actually does say about “objective truth” is this: that objective truth SHOULD but does not exist IN POLITICS AND SOCIAL SCIENCE, because the law is far from objective and is prone to cementing unequal and unobjective treatment into society’s structures. So CRT actually stipulates that objective truth is NOT being properly honored in our current social structures, when it SHOULD be.

That’s a shockingly different understanding than presented in many alarmist anti-CRT articles lately.

Every CRT scholar I have read so far is quite convinced that objective truth is exactly the point of CRT: to actually pursue a rich and detailed and factual understanding about the cross-links and cause/effect relationships between law and groups and society and inequality. And now, those scholars firmly believe that anti-CRT activists are trying to suppress an objective analysis of CRT. And I see a lot of merit in that assertion.

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1 thought on “CRT and “Objective Truth””

  1. Diego Mera

    It is interesting (and sad) that words are manipulated in such a way to twist things in this manner. In this case the definition of objective truth itself. So you can’t even begin to discuss the subject because foundational basics have been tweaked and maligned.

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