To Be A Christian in Babylon

Taking Native American land and life to secure European refugees the ability to worship God freely is deeply enshrined in the Christian Nationalism view of American history. But that seems to run counter to the nature and actions of God described throughout the Bible.

Things I Have Learned This Year

I am finding that many things I was taught were dangerously one-sided and served to uncritically reinforce the views I was given. But when I add additional history to my understanding, I am forced to pull back from many conclusions and doctrines and political understandings.

Protect the Brand

When Christians respond to critiques with “brand protection”, they block the possibility of repentance, and risk speaking against correction brought by the Holy Spirit.

Exposed by Change

Perhaps the truest test of a relationship is what happens when one of the people changes. It’s also the best chance to learn and grow.

Works Of Faith

Deconstruction is causing a sharp reaction in church circles. It’s as if faith has become a form of works. It’s paradoxical that not being unquestioningly faithful to what we were taught reveals a works-like tendency, among those who otherwise believe in justification by faith and not works. In those circles, apparently one must be “faithful enough” to remain saved.

E Pluribus Unum

Our sense of individualism has become toxic, both politically and religiously. We organize ourselves into collective groups ever more strongly. And those groups actively oppose other groups that we perceive as infringing on our own collective’s individuality.

In Guns We Trust

I ran across a fascinating image today. It’s a wall-mounted gun cabinet disguised to look just like a rugged wooden cross, advertised as a great way to share your faith while simultaneously protecting yourself with those firearms.

Let Us Agape One Another

Today, on Martin Luther King Jr. Day, I’m struck by two things: a peace that God has the entire world in His hands, even those who haven’t heard about Jesus yet, and a determination that showing agape love to my immediate neighbors ought to be a primary focus. And I think Dr. King had a handle on how to show agape love.