A Rainbow of Faith

Faith perhaps, should be something like a basket of Easter eggs: each one colorful and unique and ornate in its own way, each containing something different and surprising, but all together comprising the totality of Christianity, in the promise offered by Easter Sunday.

Further Up and Further In

Perhaps the biggest surprise for me in this season of my life is that faith itself is not static. We’re being called to go “further up and further in” – as God reveals more to us, our understanding of faith and doctrine must be free to expand and grow.


I highly recommend this video from Pastor Zach Lambert at Restore Austin church, discussing being an all-inclusive church.

The Women of Passover

You probably know that in the Old Testament, God established a practice of anointing a new king by pouring oil on them. Did you know that Jesus was anointed not by men, but twice by women, and each time in the week before a Passover? Each time the Lord selected women to anoint Jesus as king.


We’re so accustomed to living at DEFCON-1 in the spirit realm, constantly being on a wartime footing against demonic forces and a culture that’s falling apart, against unbelievers and misguided fellow believers, that we fail to see the bad effects that it’s having on our culture and our unity and our peace. But Christ already won the victory – so why are we demonizing each other in the name of making America a great Christian nation?

Billions and Billions Served

It has occurred to me that most American Christians are just as much in love with a certain style of Christianity as they are with fast food, and for very similar reasons. It’s fast, it’s easy, it’s cheap, and it requires no real personal involvement to get fed. But is it the right model?

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