The End of My Evangelicalism

It’s taken a couple years, but I realized this week that I’m completely done with being called an Evangelical and a Republican. I simply cannot abide the toxicity inherent in both labels. Here’s some thoughts about why.

A Rainbow of Faith

Faith perhaps, should be something like a basket of Easter eggs: each one colorful and unique and ornate in its own way, each containing something different and surprising, but all together comprising the totality of Christianity, in the promise offered by Easter Sunday.

Shedding My Dragon Skin

Recently a friend asked me what it felt like to lose so much of my faith. I don’t think I lost anything: instead, I feel like I’ve shed things that weren’t mine to begin with. Let me tell you about my own encounter with Aslan.

How Revelation Warped My Theology

Jesus said we’d know a tree by its fruit, and perhaps we can also know a doctrine the same way. I grew up with an end-times doctrine that is widespread in the church, but which I now recognize is bearing a lot of bad fruit. Maybe it’s time to recognize the harm.

An image of an ancient Jewish wedding

What Defines Biblical Marriage?

I’m intrigued that for an institution so absolutely central to human life, the Bible has shockingly little information about the ideal marriage. Hardly any of the examples about marriage fit our modern Christian definition of “one man, one woman, for life, with the blessing of the church and the state.”

It’s Best Not To Ask

It’s really hard when trusted people change dramatically. For the sake of our faith, often we don’t really want to know why they changed. It might require us to change too.

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