The Language of Division

There is a fundamental problem with discourse in America today: the language used in nearly all political and social dialog is as extreme as possible.

Leaky Wineskins

Last year, quite a bit of the discussion in my own church, and what I saw in many other church discussions online, was about how the Lord was using COVID to shake up His Church, and bring it to new places, new thinking, new awareness, new methods and modes. Early in COVID, despite much frustration …

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It Hurts So Good

Reading news stories about what’s wrong with America is like eating spicy food. It hurts so good. We’ll keep returning to that pepper just to get another adrenaline hit.

A Story of Forgiveness

Part 1 Recently, I was driving to church on a Sunday morning when I passed a Black woman jogging along the road, and I had an immediate and visceral reaction to her face. I puzzled about that for a moment, and realized that I’ve always reacted that way to a very specific facial structure in …

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