By Way of Introduction

Hello, world.

2020 and 2021 have been a challenge for everyone. To me, the process felt like a refining, like living through a crucible experience. Many things in my life were burned away. Many choices had to be made about what really matters. Gold cannot be refined in a crucible without fire, without significant heat. Even the chemical process of refining gold requires completely dissolving it, until only the purest gold is precipitated out once the impurities have been removed.

So, welcome to a blog about my journey, and the thoughts I have along the way. It’s a work in process, and I have no doubt that it will continue. I’m devoted to allowing it to continue – in fact, welcoming it. I hope you find value in these thoughts.

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1 thought on “By Way of Introduction”

  1. Diego Mera

    Looking forward to reading your thoughts. Carl Sagan said something that has resonated with me. A book or reading what someone writes is akin to reading their minds. Aristotle can’t verbally talk to me yet I can read his thoughts by what he wrote (he is my favorite philosopher by the way).

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