Interview: A Conversation about Deconstructing Simplicity and becoming comfortable with Mystery

This is my second video podcast episode for Crucible of Thought. After about a hundred audio-only episodes, I’ve decided I’d really like to start interviewing people that have caught my attention and are saying things I’d like to understand further. So this is a sort of warm-up experiment using the technologies I’ll need for future interviews. Bethany Alvey, from the Caraid Anam spiritual direction ministry, is a close friend, and we had a discussion about the stages of faith, and deconstructing our dualism and simplicity of faith. We talk here about our own experiences of rethinking and reconstructing our beliefs, and then Bethany shares about her ministry at

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3 thoughts on “Interview: A Conversation about Deconstructing Simplicity and becoming comfortable with Mystery”

  1. Museum of Iscariot is a little different in that the “death” depicted in the song reflects a death of the past, and the flower blossoming reflects the future. Sometimes it is in death, that beauty prevails. Death to those things which bind us and suffocate us. Things such as fear, religious abuse; death to the lies we enforce upon ourselves, about ourselves. The list is endless. It takes an intrepid soul to leave the familiar [“cage of rotten wood”] and search for truth and overcome restrictions which paralyse a person’s soul.

    1. Not my preferred musical style, but a fascinatingly complex song, and a heartfelt cry from the depths of their soul. No matter how people fall out after deconstruction – walking away, or walking on, I have to respect the journey they’re on, because of how brave and true it is to step off the beaten path to ask those hard questions. Thanks for the thoughts.

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