Interview: A Conversation about Tithing

This is the very first video podcast episode for Crucible of Thought. After about a hundred audio-only episodes, I decided I’d really like to start interviewing people that have caught my attention and are saying things I’d like to understand further. So this is a sort of warm-up experiment using the technologies I’ll need for future interviews. So as a sort of practice video podcast, a close friend and I had a discussion about tithing. We both attended the same church for quite a few years, and both stopped attending that same church about the same time, as we both went through a time of rethinking the fundamentals of our faith and doctrines. We talk here about our own experiences in our former evangelical church and its teachings and practices around tithing, and some ways that those were harmful despite claiming to be biblical. Enjoy this video, and keep an eye on that channel for more interviews.

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