A Personal Framework for the Morality of Abortion

I just finished a first draft of a paper I’ve titled “A Personal Framework For The Morality Of Abortion.” It’s a PDF that’s 53 pages long, so it’s not light reading.

After the Roe v Wade and Dobbs ruling, as I watched and listened to the public discourse – and many very heated arguments – I realized that I had never spent any time personally investigating the morality of abortion. Instead I had been standing solely on what I had absorbed from over 40 years of participation in the evangelical church with its strong support for the pro-life position, determination to overturn Roe v Wade, and strong support for anti-abortion ministries.

However, watching and listening to many friends and family and strangers discuss abortion, and reading many personal stories and struggles with family planning, I became convinced that this was a much deeper matter than I had considered. Actually understanding both sides of the abortion issue, and making my own conclusions, truly deserved my full attention, rather than simply falling back on my inherited positions.

To summarize my results, I’ve found that many of my positions on abortion have suddenly swung significantly from my evangelical upbringing, and while I believe abortion should be as limited as possible, I’m no longer of the opinion that it’s always wrong.

Instead, I’m convinced that choice is absolutely critical in some cases. But most of all, I find myself strongly opposed to the government making absolute choices for women and doctors. I’ve also discovered that so many abortion statistics and assertions by the pro-life community are either utterly wrong, or sharply biased, or selectively quoted to support an existing position, and to suppress dissent and discussion.

I’m sure many of my family and former church friends will be deeply disappointed in my conclusions about the pro-life/pro-choice argument, but I am no longer interested in pleasing any of them in this matter. God required me to personally own this issue for the first time.

If you’re interested in reading the paper, you can find it here:


In general, I welcome feedback about the paper, but I’ll entertain the discussions privately, not in public, so feel free to contact me to discuss it.

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