Safe Places and Untouchables

When the church does not provide a “safe place” for the hurting and confused, it effectively eliminates itself as a source of counsel and wisdom, not to mention a place of sanctuary and healing. But “safe places” and a shame-based discipline system are incompatible with each other. My History with […]

COVID Contradictions

The COVID epidemic has clearly exposed a number of contradictions in the thought process and the actions of many American Christians. The very group that is the most vocal about stopping abortion, preventing euthanasia, and denying “my body, my choice” is also the group agitating the loudest against masking and vaccination and activity restrictions. Isaiah 1 has some strong words for God’s people in the face of their failure to look out for the vulnerable among them.

Scattered by the Sower

Jesus predicted His death in the midst of a rather curious situation, in John 12. 20 Now there were some Greeks among those who were going up to worship at the feast; 21 these people then came to Philip, who was from Bethsaida of Galilee, and were making a request […]

Statistics and the Bully Pulpit

Did you ever have a moment when you discovered that something you knew all your life was just plain wrong? For all of my voting life, I’ve believed that welfare caused more births outside of marriage, and thus contributed to the moral decline of America and its critically important family […]

The Language of Division

There is a fundamental problem with discourse in America today: the language used in nearly all political and social dialog is as extreme as possible.

Leaky Wineskins

Last year, quite a bit of the discussion in my own church, and what I saw in many other church discussions online, was about how the Lord was using COVID to shake up His Church, and bring it to new places, new thinking, new awareness, new methods and modes. Early […]

Forsake Not… Go Beyond Sunday

For 45 years I’ve been taught some version of “Hebrews 10:25 says don’t skip Sunday church services.” I’m certainly not the first to exegete Hebrews 10:25, and I won’t be the last, and I don’t claim this is definitive, but I have some observations. In context, Hebrews 10 says “23Let […]

How to Lie while Telling the Truth

Intellectual honesty is important, and I’m seeing shockingly little of it in recent right-leaning Christian dialog. As a conservative at heart, I’m feeling betrayed by my fellow conservatives. In an Epoch Times article that I was sent today, the headline read “NIH Director Admits School Mask Mandates Are Not Based […]

It Hurts So Good

Reading news stories about what’s wrong with America is like eating spicy food. It hurts so good. We’ll keep returning to that pepper just to get another adrenaline hit.

How to Cause a Revolution

One of the responses I hear most often to things like CRT, or welfare, or Black Lives Matter, is that they will lead to socialism or Marxism in America. Fear is increasingly being used as a political tactic by both parties. In this case, it’s being used by both the […]